Social Identity Theory  

Social identity theory explain how people form a feeling of membership and belonging when they join a particular group. In addition, the theory also explains how discrimination between various different groups work. It is an important theory when it comes to social psychology.

According to the theory, every person is influenced to a certain extent when they become a part of a group. Be it a sport fan or a student of an Ivy League college. Also, the theory explains how competition and discrimination between groups is so severe that it can sometimes lead to murder or backing a law to sideline members of other groups.

There are many inter-linked aspects that work in social identity theory. Basically, according to social psychologist, people tend to actively seek out groups that will help to affirm their self esteem. However, just a membership in any group is not sufficient for this. People have to have faith that they are part of the right group in order to have enhanced self esteem, and this is achieved when they assume that their group is superior and distinct from other groups.

Categorization is one of the notions of social identity theory. In this, people tend to categorize one another. This can occur subconsciously. For instance, people will categorize women, businessmen and professionals in different groups and describe them accordingly. Categorization helps in developing personal identity and also in creating an opinion about other people's identity. A person tend to identify with a group that he or she is a member of, and this, in turn, helps to develop ingroup mentality.

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Social Identity Theory




Definition-Of-Social-Identity-Theory      Social identity theory offers to explain how people end up developing a sense of belonging and membership when they become part of a particular group. Also, the theory helps us understand how intergroup discrimination works. The theory is an important part of social psychology. More..





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