Can Teenagers Have Heart Attacks ?  

Heart attacks are generally rare among teenagers but it does mean that they cannot suffer from one. The first thing to understand it is not normal for a teenager to suffer from a heart attack. This is because a teenager is supposed to be in good and healthy physical shape.

This said, there have been cases of teenagers suffering from heart attacks, and times fatal. Many doctors are at loss of words to explain this phenomenon. Most of the teenagers who have suffered from heart attacks have not shown any problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, drug abuse or any other factor leading to the attack.

In a report published by the Heart Center at Akron Children's Hospital, doctors described the heart attacks suffered by 9 teenagers who were healthy. Out of these 9, eight were males. These teenagers were aged between 12 and 20 years and did not show any problems with the coronary arteries or other risk factors that are usually present leading to heart attacks.

The cardiac enzyme level of all 9 patients was tested, and it was found that all of them had abnormal levels. Three teenagers also had abnormalities that showed up in the ECG.

This clearly shows that even teenagers can be susceptible to heart attacks and if your teen is suffering from chest pain, you should not ignore it. Make sure he or she sees a doctor immediately.

Remember, teenagers can prevent heart attacks just like everyone else by not smoking, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising everyday, and maintaining a healthy and normal body weight.

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Can Teenagers Have Heart Attacks




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