Flirting Tips For Teenagers  

The teenage time is when a teenager is aware of the opposite gender and is looking for different ways to attract attention. Of course, teenager period is the time when adolescents experiment with numerous things, including flirting. Usually flirting is done to attract and woo the opposite sex, and both boys and girls indulge into it.

Although flirting can be fun and lighthearted, it can also have a touch of romance. So, if you have never flirted, here are some flirting tips especially for teenagers.

  • Flirting involves showing the other person that you find him or her interesting. Therefore, take time to smile at the person. A girl can always do this coyly!
  • If the person tells a joke or narrates something funny, laugh about it and make sure you tell the person how funny and humorous he or she is. You can even tell a couple of your own jokes.
  • Do not hesitate to touch the person's arm or hand casually during the time you are together; even if you are in a group.
  • Try to make eye contact with the person just like you would do with anyone else. However, the trick is to hold the contact longer.
  • If you are both in the same room but at different corners, make eye contact and then quickly break it. Then after a couple of minutes, make eye contact again. But this time hold it and smile. Then just break the contact.
  • Above all, it is important to be yourself. If you are flirting with a person, you like the person. Therefore, it is important for the person to know your true nature and personality.

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Flirting Tips For Teenagers




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