What Is A Good First Car For A Teenager ?  

Teenagers often consider buying a car which will best portray their personality and attitude. And, invariably what a teen might consider a good first time car of himself, the parents will not. Teenagers are more interested in getting a car that is stylish, cool, fast and large enough to accommodate friends. Whereas parents want teenagers to have cars that are cheap and economical to purchase and maintain.

The good news is that many times it is possible for a teenager to buy a brand. Usually older models of a car can be purchased relatively cheap, and teenagers can get quotes from dealers if money is not an issue. Invariably it is best to opt for a previous year's model that has never been owned by anyone.

The advantage of buying a new car is that it will be safer, have better mileage, be more reliable and get you cheaper insurance because of the safety aspect. Used cars can have very high insurance because they are not considered as safe and reliable as new cars.

Teenagers should refrain from buying SUVs and trucks as they require more driving skill in an emergency. Plus the cost of operating these vehicles can be quite high. Some of the good first time cars for teenagers are Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Fit, Scion, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Focus and Mazda3. All these cars give good mileage, they are highly reliable, have good safety equipment and will not cost too much in insurance.

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What Is A Good First Car For A Teenager




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What Is A Good First Car For A Teenager ? )
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