Can Teenagers Have Heart Attacks ?  

Can Teenagers Have Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are generally rare among teenagers but it does mean that they cannot suffer from one. The first thing to understand it is not normal for a teenager to suffer from a heart attack. This is because a teenager is supposed to be in good and healthy physical shape.More...



Average Height And Weight For Teenager

Average Height And Weight For Teenager

Teenagers lay a lot of emphasis on physical looks. In fact, many teenagers go to the extent of finding out what is the ideal height and weight for their age, and then try to ensure that they do things to attain that perfection. However, when it comes to height and weight for a teenager, they depend on certain factors.More...


Flirting Tips For Teenagers

Flirting Tips For Teenagers

The teenage time is when a teenager is aware of the opposite gender and is looking for different ways to attract attention. Of course, teenager period is the time when adolescents experiment with numerous things, including flirting. Usually flirting is done to attract and woo the opposite sex, and both boys and girls indulge into it.More...


What Is A Good First Car For A Teenager ?

What Is A Good First Car For A Teenager

Teenagers often consider buying a car which will best portray their personality and attitude. And, invariably what a teen might consider a good first time car of himself, the parents will not. Teenagers are more interested in getting a car that is stylish, cool, fast and large enough to accommodate friends. Whereas parents want teenagers to have cars that are cheap and economical to purchase and maintain.More...





Fast-Ways-For-Teenagers-To-Gain-Weight      Gaining weight can be an easy process provided you do everything in the right manner. Just like losing weight takes time, so also gaining. Therefore, if teenagers are looking to gain weight, they need to have patience. Weight gain cannot occur in a day. More..





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