How To Help A Troubled Teen ?  

Many teenagers suffer from minor problems during their teenage years. However, these problems are often considered as part of teenage life and are not serious. But, there are some teens whose actions and behavior are more than minor problems. They can be a serious threat not only to themselves, but also to those around them. These are known as troubled teens.

Troubled teens often are not interested in their studies, they are violent, have suicidal tendencies, abuse drugs and/or alcohol and also suffer from depression. These teens are either very angry or very depressed; and they need help to overcome these feelings in order to be normal teenagers.

So, how can one help a troubled teen? It is definitely not easy given the problems the teen is having and also the mood swings that adolescence brings on. However, a parent should try have a dialogue with the teenager on one to one basis. This is the only way to find out what is troubling the teenager. Sometimes, parents are known to ground the teen, withhold privileges or even get angry. However, this may or may not work. Another option for the parents is too seek professional help through a school guidance counselor, spiritual advisor or a therapist.

In case these do not help, then it calls for drastic measures. You can think of enrolling your troubled teen into a boarding school, a military school or even an on-site treatment center. The idea is to get the teenager away from his or her prevailing environment and help them focus and concentrate on improving their lives.

A troubled teen requires a lot of patience and careful handling; and parents should be willing to devote time and energy to put their teen on to the correct path. There are many non-profit organizations that work with troubled teens. You can also contact one of them to see whether their program will be suitable for your teenager. 

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