Signs Of Troubled Teen  

If you have a teenager, you know how turbulent the teenage years can be. However, sometimes, teenagers tend to act up more than required. They lose interest in their studies, resort to using illegal narcotics, drinking alcohol, getting depressed, suffering from suicidal tendencies and/or showing extreme anger. All these are signs of a troubled teen.

However, if you look out for the early signs of a troubled teen, you can take remedial measures and ensure that things do not get out of hand. Here are some of the signs of a troubled teen that will help you:

  • Teenagers have access to drugs and alcohol at all times. However, if you happen to realize that your teen is abusing drugs and alcohol, it is time to take drastic measures to ensure that they get back on track.
  • Teenage years are full of mood swings, and sometimes it is normal for a teenager to be depressed. However, if your teen is spending his or her entire day in bed or losing interest in activities that they enjoyed earlier, then he or she is suffering from depression and needs to be treated immediately.
  • Often teenagers are rebellious, but most of them show some amount of respect and courtesy to their parents. However, if your teen suddenly becomes disrespectful, it could be that he or she is troubled and screaming for help.
  • If your teenager was always a good student in school, but suddenly the grades have started falling, then it could be a sign of some problem. Try to talk to your teenager to find out what is causing this sudden decline in his or her academics.
  • One of the main signs of a troubled teen is suicidal tendencies. If your teen attempts to take his or her life, they need professional help. You should immediately get them counseled and be there for them should an incident like this happen again.

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Signs Of Troubled Teen




Troubled-Teen-Intervention      Usually teenage years are difficult not just for the teenagers, but also for the parents and teachers. However, some teens have more problems than others, and these teens are known as troubled teenagers. When dealing with a troubled teenager, a parent or teacher needs a lot of patience and determination. However, the good news is that there many troubled teen interventions that can be put to use to help a troubled teen overcome all the struggle and problems he or she is facing. More..





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