Troubled Teen Intervention  

Usually teenage years are difficult not just for the teenagers, but also for the parents and teachers. However, some teens have more problems than others, and these teens are known as troubled teenagers. When dealing with a troubled teenager, a parent or teacher needs a lot of patience and determination. However, the good news is that there many troubled teen interventions that can be put to use to help a troubled teen overcome all the struggle and problems he or she is facing.

Here are some troubled teen interventions that are worth exploring if you are a parent of a troubled teenager:

  • A wilderness camp is perfect for a troubled teenager. This camp is held in the wild in remote locales which are quite rugged. The camps are conducted by trained counselors who take the group of troubled teenagers out on survival camps and nature walks. This is coupled with an opportunity for the teenagers to talk about their issues while being out in the natural environment. This type of intervention is perfect for teenagers who have addictions, juvenile crimes, eating disorders or are suffering from depression. It helps them to become self aware and also offers them a support group.
  • Team building training is another troubled teen intervention that works with small groups of troubled teenagers. Here the teens are made to work with a complete stranger to fulfill a target. The training session is facilitated by a professional who teaches the teenagers the skills for communicating, cooperating and appreciating other people's skills and talents. The training session can be for a few hours a week or it can be spread over many days. It helps to teach troubled teenagers the necessary life skills to compete in today's society and also helps them to form bonds and friendships.
  • A residential treatment center is for troubled teenagers who are a danger to themselves or those around them. There are many such centers run by non-profit organizations and focus on many areas, including youth crimes, eating disorders and other problems that troubled teenagers encounter. These centers offer residential programs that help to improve self image and self esteem of teenagers and also equip them with necessary life skills to fit into the society.

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