Cyclothymia And Alcohol Abuse  

Cyclothymia is a chronic bipolar disorder consisting of short periods of mild depression and short periods of hypomania. It is considered different from Bipolar I and Bipolar II disorders because of the less degree of severity. It is usually caused by substance abuse. However, it has been noticed that there is a deep connection between cyclothymia and alcohol abuse.

In fact, one of the main causes for cyclothymia is alcohol abuse. It is often noticed that alcoholics go through various mood swings which sometimes make them aggressive and violent. Not only does excessive alcohol consumption lead to a number of diseases in alcoholics, it can also affect other members of the family psychologically and physically.

Turning violent does not take much time, especially when one is suffering from cyclothymia. It gets worse when the mood swings are not limited to times when the patient is drinking. 

Cyclothymia is not easy to diagnose, and as a result it often goes untreated. The only time a doctor can diagnose the disease is when the patient is suffering from a mood swing.

This disease makes the situation worse for patients suffering from frequent mood swings and depression. They sometimes try to commit suicide in their depressed state, and they tend to become aggressive because of their unsuccessful attempt. This aggression invariably leads to violence.   

Nonetheless, cyclothymia is curable. It can be treated with drugs like carbamazepine and lithium under close supervision by a qualified psychotherapist. Counseling by a psychotherapist is also required to make the patient aware of his condition. In fact, counseling is considered important in the entire treatment process.  

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Cyclothymia And Alcohol Abuse




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