Women And Alcohol Abuse Case Study  

The percentage of women abusing alcohol has grown drastically over the past few years. However, this could be because when research and study related to alcohol abuse are conducted, they tend to focus and emphasize on men rather than women. In this regard, the gender bias to women and alcohol abuse still exists.

However, here is a case study of a woman and her problem with alcohol abuse. This will enable you to understand this issue from a woman's perspective.

KR is a 42 year old housewife with two children. She is a computer professional. She and her husband are regular drinkers of alcohol. KR consumes 2-3 cocktails per day and 3-4 on weekends. However, this consumption was done in secrecy without the knowledge of her husband or rest of the family.

She suddenly started experiencing pain in the upper part of her chest and also started feeling fatigued. KR did some lab tests but never admitted to her alcohol drinking problem. She continued to lie to the doctors until she decided to open up in front of a female doctor. It was only then did she confess to her alcohol drinking. She was afraid to be judged by male doctors.

To the female doctor, KR confessed that she was drinking around a pint of vodka everyday and suffering from depression. Later she was reported to have life threatening complications and it was only then that she decided to talk to her family about her problem with alcohol.  

The awareness about the effect of alcohol on women should be given equal emphasis. If this is done then problems like KR's would arise. Women who drink or abuse alcohol will be able to talk to doctors openly. And, they will be able to seek medical help in a timely manner. Like gender plays a role in symptom manifestation, treatment too in women is different. It has been seen when women seek treatment for alcohol abuse, in general they tend to respond quicker and more effectively to the treatment. Majority of women complete their alcohol abuse treatment faster than men.

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Women And Alcohol Abuse Case Study




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