Alcoholism Physical Symptoms  

Alcoholism is a serious problem around the world. It is characterized by excessive drinking of alcohol which can ultimately lead to severe physical and mental disorders. It not only harms the mental and physical being of a person, but also affects other people around them.

Alcoholism does not show very clear recognizable symptoms. Anyone around you, your friend or one of your family members, could be an alcoholic and you may not know it. There is no clear reason as to why or when people start drinking alcohol.

To make matter worse, alcoholics seldom accept it as a disease. They deny that the addiction can destroy their life. However, there are some symptoms that are shown by a person consuming alcohol in large amounts.

An unending desire for alcohol and a total change in the personality along with loss of patience is very common among alcoholics. A noticeable fluctuation in mood is also present. Sometimes, in extreme cases, you may notice tremors in the hands. This usually happens when the effect of alcohol is wearing out or when the person is desperately looking to drink.

Alcoholics change topics in an erratic fashion, and tend to express themselves in an extreme way. If they are happy, they will be extremely happy. When they are aggravated, they can turn violent very easily. They also suffer from loss of appetite and sleep.

These are some of the most recognizable symptoms of alcoholism. It is best to get the person treated for alcoholism once these symptoms are seen or noticed.

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Alcoholism Physical Symptoms




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