Divorce Or Alcoholism More Damaging For Children  

Alcoholism can lead to broken relationships, and cause an irreversible damage to the family and children. The question what is more damaging divorce or alcoholism demands a brief explanation. But the answer does not mention anything good either about divorce or alcoholism.

Children in their adolescence go through huge changes socially, physically and mentally. And, to top it up if they have to see violent fights between parents, it can take a toll psychologically and physically.

Children who witness violence, alcoholism and divorce can end up having a highly traumatic childhood. This may cause the child to turn to alcohol or drugs. Many researches and studies show that when children go through such impact of divorce and alcoholic violence, they tend to go into depression. To hide away from the pain, they tend to resort to alcohol and thereby becoming alcoholics themselves.

Both divorce and alcoholism have a negative impact on children. Which is worse is questionable. The fact that both cause the child to suffer pain either physically or emotionally is considered bad. Therefore, one can say that divorce and alcoholism are both bad for children.

In a divorce, a child often blames himself. He believes it is because of him that his parents are separating. He tends to resort to bad behavior to get negative attention. On the other hand, alcoholism makes a child grow up before his time. He tends to take over many duties that an alcoholic parent would have done. And if the alcoholic parent is violent, then more often then not, the target is the child.

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Divorce Or Alcoholism More Damaging For Children




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Divorce Or Alcoholism More Damaging For Children )
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