Intervention And Alcoholism  

When alcoholism reaches its extreme level and the addicted person is no longer under any influence except alcohol, the last resort is intervention. Intervention is not a form of cure or treatment for the affected person. Rather it is a confrontation with group of people who are closely related to and care about the victim. Here the group of people tries to convince the victim to seek professional help to treat his alcoholism.

Intervention takes place rather surprisingly and people, who care, talk about their problems that the victim is causing because of his alcoholism. The intervention is organized by a group of experienced counselors. Intervention is mostly done by people who are going to give the treatment to the victim. It is organized only to convince the victim to receive the treatment so that things better for people who care about him. If the victim enters rehab after the intervention session, then he is more likely to take interest in the treatment.  

However, it is not necessary for the victim to make progress when receiving treatment during alcohol rehab. Another ugly possibility is that if the intervention fails and the victim walks away unhappy about the confrontation, then the family will be further torn apart. Also, the after effects can be more disturbing.

Intervention is not a sure shot answer to alcoholism but it can sometimes work as a good optional way to get an alcohol-dependent person to seek help.  It is suggested that you consult an experienced intervener and make him or her understand the entire situation. With their experience in various cases, interveners maybe the right people to make the right decision for you and your loved one.

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Intervention And Alcoholism




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