Relationship Between Y Chromosome And Alcoholism  

People who totally depend on alcohol are bound to develop depression and anti social psychiatric disorders. While depression is found more in women, anti social psychiatric disorders are found mostly in men. To find out the reason why more number of men get anti social psychiatric disorders due to alcohol, scientists and researchers have been conducting various studies.

The majority of the results indicated that higher prevalence of anti social psychiatric disorder in men could be related to the Y chromosome. Alcoholism leads to psychological problems like depression and domestic violence. But the nature of the psychological problem varies on the basis of gender. This explanation is reasonable because women generally do not tend to get violent as compared to men. Men, on the other hand, get to get more violent than depressed. This depends a lot on the Y chromosome and certain personality traits.

There have been studies on aggressive behavior which relates to alcohol consuming vulnerability. Anti social psychiatric disorders are also said to be inherited within the genes. This is due to the same Y chromosomes being inherited from the previous generation resulting in the same consequence when exposed to alcohol abuse.

Cases of anti social psychiatric disorder passing from one generation to another are quite common. This has been primarily been attributed to the Y chromosome. Therefore, scientists have concluded that it is because of the Y chromosome that certain people demonstrate violent behavior when they consume alcohol. Therefore, it can be said that it is because of the relationship between Y chromosomes and alcohol, many psychiatric problems occur in men who tend to be alcoholics.

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Relationship Between Y Chromosome And Alcoholism




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Relationship Between Y Chromosome And Alcoholism )
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