What Are Different Points Of Views To Alcoholism?  

Alcohol is consumed mostly by all age groups and genders. Each and every one consuming alcohol has different responsibilities to fulfill. There are different points of view to alcoholism. Generally alcoholism leads to depression or depression leads to alcoholism. But is alcohol really helping to make things better?

People who consume alcohol make it a habit. Some how they are convinced that alcohol will smooth things around them and end up making a bad situation better.  

Alcoholism infects the morality, and starts depleting the basic moral values. Alcoholism does not only effects mentally but also physically. An alcoholic never pays attention to his physical appearance or cleanliness. And, an unhealthy and unclean body exposed to numerous risks and diseases.

Alcoholics tend to develop a misconception that if they do not drink alcohol daily, their body will not function properly. But alcohol is a torment in disguise to the physical and mental health. Whenever an alcoholic is verbally abusive or gets in domestic violence, it sometimes may lead the affected person to further drinks. That makes this addiction a kind of a vicious cycle. Alcohol has no positive effects on the body and mind. People, who tend to get depressed and then consume alcohol, presume it will heal them, when in reality they actually get further depressed.   

Alcoholism does not only consume the alcoholic but also destroys many other lives.  There are many other people who also get affected by alcoholism and they would be having a completely different take on this addiction. For them, alcoholism might be a sign of weakness or menace. Some people in an alcoholic's life may end up making excuses for the alcoholism. These are people who are still not ready to believe that alcoholism is a disease, an addiction that can destroy everything that stands in its path.

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What Are Different Points Of Views To Alcoholism




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