Facts About Drinking And Driving  

Drinking and driving is one of the leading causes of death in world. Drinking and driving indicates that an alcoholic is willing to take the risk of driving while having his senses impaired. Driving while you are intoxicated not only puts your life at risk but also risks the lives of other drivers and pedestrians.

Here are some facts about drinking and driving:

Research shows that driving while intoxicated has increased significantly, and the main cause of this increase has been attributed to binge drinking. One survey showed that four out of every five intoxicated drivers were drunk on account of binge drinking.

Motor vehicles accidents are one the leading causes of accidental deaths according to DMV. And many such accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

A telephonic survey conducted asked people who were aged 18 years above about how many drinks they took before driving. Many answered that they took around 5 drinks before getting behind the wheel. This clearly shows many people clearly drink a lot before irresponsibly getting behind a wheel. However, most participants of the survey denied consuming alcohol if they had to drive, while other denied that the alcohol affected their driving abilities.

Many drunk driving cases include minors, who are invariably under the age of 18 and lack the necessary driving skills.

Drinking and driving can lead to license suspension. And, it is believed that license suspension has saved many millions of lives across the US. However, license revocation does nothing to bring down the number of drivers who drink and drive.

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Facts About Drinking And Driving




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