Ways To Prevent Drinking And Driving  

It is an understood fact that drinking and driving is highly dangerous, and the two do not mix. In addition, it is against the law. Drinking and driving can lead to many dangerous consequences like accidents, deaths, license suspension and even conviction. Studies show drinking and driving is responsible for increased number of deaths in the US.

Over the years the number of accidents and deaths has increased, and certain measures should be taken to control mishaps due this reckless act. There are some measures that even people who drink should take. Before going to a party, it is quite useful and important to plan ahead. If you know there are chances of you ending up drunk, then it is better to have an alternative rather than taking the risk of driving. If you are heavily drunk, then it is better to call a cab to take you home. Another convenient way is calling a friend or relative who can drive you home. If you are out in a group, one person from the group should be designated as the driver and this person should refrain from touching any alcohol.

However, your prime focus should be on enjoying yourself and not getting drunk. You can enjoy even without drinking, and this is something many people do not know. It is very simple logic. Enjoy yourself when you are out without indulging into alcohol. This way when you drive home, there is no risk of accidents or any other mishaps.

It is also important that the host of the party or the bartender take some responsibility. If they see a person is too drunk to drive, they should hail a cab for the person. You can even think of hiring a driver or chauffer for the night. There are many car rental services that provide this particular service for people who want to drink during a party or an outing.

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Ways To Prevent Drinking And Driving




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