Budget And Program Cuts In Art Education  

For years, there were arguments regarding the reform of the US educational system. Trimmed budgets which are results of the present economic trends are altering the educational system in the US. The No Child Left Behind initiative includes only the government public schools. Is such an economic trend continues, the number of uneducated people may rise badly affecting the country’s future.

Two students in North Carolina, after having got periods of suspension for fighting extended, went to the court in Beaufort County. The students complained of no alternative instructions being provided. However, Beaufort County lacks the required funding.

Although, there is an alternative school in Forsyth County of North Carolina, the enrollment to courses here are limited. This makes it difficult to take many students.

There a number of schools which are suffering from insufficient funds due to which they cannot manage to make some additional space for arranging in-house sub programs.
A number of rural schools are facing budget cuts. As a result Advance Placement Courses, Foreign Language Courses, Arts and Music Classes are being eliminated. All these badly affect the education system of schools.

To make up for the budget cuts, the States and local schools came up with a plan to implement cost cutting measures. These measures when put into action can harm the education of the students in the long run. Some of the measures implemented for cost cutting include:

  • Increasing the sizes of each class
  • Laying off some teachers
  • Banning of extracurricular activities and field trips
  • Having a four day instructional week
  • Completely eliminating the planning periods
  • Imposing mandatory unpaid leaves to teachers
  • Elimination of special courses
  • Consolidation of bus transportation
  • Postponement of purchase of text books

All these may definitely help in cost cutting. But the long term impact it leaves on the student’s education has to be considered. The quality of education that students receive is badly affected. It becomes difficult for the students to compete in an environment where a high skill is desired.

The emphasis in the ‘No Child Left Behind’ law is on math, science and writing. The lack of writing skills in students provoked the inclusion of writing section by SAT in national level exams which help the college admission departments in determining the eligibility of the applicant. Other areas like history, geography, music, arts and foreign language skills are being deemphasized.

The US is considered to be a world leader. To remain in this position, it must deal with every subject related to communication, human development and inter-cultural understanding. Deemphasizing such courses leads to the lack of quality education to students who are going to be the future citizens. The growing need for global studies has led to the conflicts regarding the de-emphasis of various subjects.

Due to the increased educational costs and staff reduction, demonstrations in California brought teachers, students, college professors, parents together, but failed to make a better solution. There were no favorable solutions made through that.

America is found to be one of the most developed countries and to remain in the top, it must see that all citizens must get quality education. To help in this, there has to be education funding from federal, state and local budget cuts. The schools must also to explore and practice various methods in order to reduce the costs of education.

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Budget And Program Cuts In Art Education




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