Importance Of Physical Education In The Society  

Physical education refers to training in physical exercises which helps in the fitness of the human body. Physical education is usually a part of school curriculum. It includes various physical activities such as athletics, exercises, martial arts, dance etc which help in developing the cognitive and motor skills. There are a number of advantages of physical education. Here are a few to mention.

Health is one of the most important necessities of life. To maintain good health, one needs a fit body. This can be achieved through regular exercises and physical activities.

Thus making physical education a part of the school curriculum helps the students develop physical and mental strength thereby increasing the stamina. The physical activities aid in better digestion, increases absorption of nutrients and helps in maintaining the overall health of the person. When a student is healthy, the performance in studies increases too. Thus, physical education in schools helps in understanding its importance in daily life.

Getting involved in various physical activities helps the student gain confidence. When a student starts getting involved in sports, he learns to go on the field and perform. This way he overcomes the shyness or fear of performing in front of the huge audience. Every time the student wins, the confidence levels rise. Thus physical activities are very essential for boosting the self confidence. They just work wonders in helping a person gain confidence.

Although physical education classes mainly aim to make children participate in physical activities, they also help in educating about the aspects of physical health.

Physical education classes are providing awareness about different health issues and the methods of dealing with them. Problems like obesity and anemia are increasing among the teenagers. Physical education classes teach the students about dealing with such issues. They also encourage students to inculcate healthy food habits.

Taking part in team sports helps an individual in learning to cooperate and organize themselves. They learn to function together with different individuals. In team sports, the student plays as a team and hence the whole group together makes one common goal and works for it. This helps the individuals learn to mix up with various people. It increases the communication skills of a person. This is one of the excellent qualities that a person can possess.

Physical activities improve the power of concentration. Most sports require taking right action at the right time. This is what helps in building the concentration. Also, through such physical activities, students learn to act spontaneously. The body movements become more ordered and the person also learns to maintain a good posture. Physical activities also help in improving the hand-eye coordination.

Physical education also teaches students the value of cleanliness and personal hygiene. It teaches the students in cultivating proper hygiene practices to maintain health all their lives.

Physical education enhances the cognitive skills of the students. It helps children involve in various sports and activities. This helps them learn about the sports like how it originated, significance, practices etc. This, in turn, increases the knowledge the student possesses.

It also helps the students participate in various activities and sports. This is of great use to those who want to pursue a career in sports. They get an opportunity to explore different areas of sports and hence, they can decide which of them really interests them. Based on this they can choose one into which they wish to shine.

They can thus participate in various competitions and tournaments to get exposure to competition in sports.

Physical education is an ideal way to get relaxed and enjoy leisure time. Students often get tired of their busy schedules and classes. Physical education gives a break to students and helps them relax. Also, involving into activities along with friends is a great fun and enjoyment.

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Importance Of Physical Education In The Society




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