Internet Education Advantage And Disadvantage  

The advent of internet made the world very smaller. Anyone from anywhere can make business deals with people far from their place, without having to travel such a long distance. Wherever the dear ones or friends are, they can always be closer to you giving you the regular updates. This is all possible only through the Internet. Thanks to the great advancement of technology, one can now feel the world a lot closer.

However this technology was not something that developed overnight. It developed through a slow process and reached this stage.

Initially internet was created to enable communication through a central mainframe. The communications was limited to specific network stations. Then the internet operations turned in connecting multiple networks. Then came a number of private internet service providers. This expanded the scope of internet widely. Today people send emails, talk to others, send images, videos and also gather information through internet. The use of internet is being increasing rapidly everyday and life seems to be difficult without it. This makes it necessary to have internet education in schools.

However there are disadvantages of it too. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of internet education.


Internet is now one of the major means of communicating to different people. One can send an email to person anywhere in the world which reaches the person in just a few seconds. This quick delivery of mails has been extremely useful in expanding businesses.

One can receive quicker response without wasting time. This increases the efficiency in work. Emails also help in communicating with different suppliers, buyers and sellers all around the world. Internet has also helped in maintaining personal relationships too. Chat rooms, video conferencing, etc help people communicate no matter where they are located geographically. The use of intranet in organizations has helped in quicker sharing of information, solving the queries etc. Moreover getting used to internet doesn’t need any extra qualification or course. It is simple and easy to use.

With internet, there is more access to the information. There are several search engines where one can search for the required information. Also, a number of websites provide information on various subjects and hence one can gain huge knowledge through internet. There are various forums and blogs where different people can discuss about different things. This allows sharing of information and knowledge which is very important for the development of the society. Traditional means of gathering information requires visiting libraries, searching for books and going through those books. But internet has made all that very easier. One can look out for any information and can collect vast information from different sources. Many schools and colleges are adopting internet technology for communicating to students. They assign projects or work through internet and also track their progress online. Education is making use of advantages of technological developments.

Another major advantage of internet is in entertainment industry. People now can sit at their homes, download a movie and watch it. It is no more necessary to go to cinema halls or theatres to watch a movie. There are many websites from where one can download their favorite movies. In the same way, even music can be legally downloaded. There is no limit to entertainment over internet. One can play online games with another player no matter where they live. One can also share photos, videos, files etc online. Internet is also a great means of connecting people with different background and culture. Internet has also been a great place to find life partners too.

Moving around the shops to shop for different items is a thing of past. One can now shop for varied things sitting at the home. There are various websites which sell products online. All that one needs to do is select the product and process the payments online. In fact by shopping online, one can choose from various options available from a wide range of products. Internet has also made the transfer of money easier. One can transfer the money to any location in just a few seconds sitting at home.

Some of the other advantages of internet are booking for reservations, getting tickets for movies, trains, flights etc. There are also a number of websites which provide medical support. The advantages of internet can be termed as ‘limitless’.


Internet has been a great source of information. Due to this it has also been a target to those who steal valuable information. Many times the information and work of the people is being stolen and presented as their own. Hence, information sharing on internet is not completely safe.

Internet, no doubt is a strong means of communication between people from different background and location. But people rarely do reveal their original self. Many times people enter websites, forums and chat rooms anonymously or with a wrong identity. As long as this is just for the sake of having chats or gossips, it may be fine. But sometimes people make others believe in them and then take disadvantage of this trust.

Internet has become an easier means of financial transactions. But this has given rise to internet thefts. Some people use their intelligence in developing harmful software like viruses, spyware or malware which transmit the sensitive information on the computer to certain parties. These harmful programs get installed into the computer just at a click of the mouse and that too without your knowledge. There are also phishing mails which come to your inbox in the name of a well known bank and ask for your personal information. These mails are not actually sent from the banks. The information is later used to make financial frauds. The number of financial fraud cases through internet is increasing day by day and these are posing a risk to transactions through internet.

Spamming is another problem of internet. Spam emails are unwanted emails regarding advertisements or marketing that are sent in bulk. Sometimes these emails contain viruses that may corrupt the system. While sometimes, the emails themselves are annoying.

There are a number of websites which themselves send adware, malware, viruses and other harmful software to the system. These can slow the PC considerable. Sometimes these malicious software rob the important information on the computer. There are also software which when get installed into the computer gives the whole control of the computer to some party.

Internet is a great place for children. They create a learning curve and help children grow with technology. But pornography is something that can cause a serious impact on a child’s mind. There are several porn sites which are easily accessible and this makes it unsafe to leave children on the internet without adult supervision.

Another major disadvantage to internet is addiction. Many people get addicted to internet so much that they find no time for their personal lives. This can often cause serious problems in relationships and personal life. People are often getting adjusted to the virtual world of internet and spending time with virtual people on internet whom they have never seen. Also, people are now finding ways of socializing through internet rather than socializing through real groups. This attraction for virtual world has made people ignore their true relations and life. This overpowering of internet over lives of people can be quite harmful.

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