Problems In Education In America Today  

The education system in America is found to be less effective due to a number of factors that affect the education system either directly or indirectly. The political and social differences that rise have caused a great impact on the educational policy. These differences have made the students lack the willingness and the knowledge of dealing with such diversities and managing differences. There are more genuine problems like cheating in schools, injustice in the grading system etc.

The decrease in quality of education in America is a result of inability to take proper decisions. Time is being wasted on debates and fighting rather than focusing on improving areas in education. Instead of wasting such precious time, there has to be an action to improve the education. This can be achieved only when debates, arguments and fights are given a back seat and a more clear focus is made on education. The feedback of well educated people can be of great help in improving the education system.

One of the major problems with education system in America is in dealing with religion in classrooms. Dealing with religion in classrooms has often caused conflicts with opposing sides trying to get a consensus on how religion should be handled in schools. The lack of cooperation and agreements from both sides has often made them undertake various actions to determine their religions' status in schools. All these conflicts have made the textbook publishers completely eliminate the religion from the studies. But a larger portion of the western history involves religion and hence study of history cannot be completed without the study of religion.

The grading system in education system is another important aspect that has to be dealt with. Most of the teachers, students and educational researchers have aired their view on the faulty grading system as it is not balance and also unfair.

But again this has give rise to several arguments and debates rather than acting to find a solution. There is a great amount of time wasted in debates that are neither won nor lost, rather than focusing on more significant issues. This is taking up much of the precious time and resources.

The major cause of failure of the education system is the inability of the concerned people in taking the right actions to improve the education system. The debates and arguments over the problems are so strong that no one of them agrees to the factors affecting the education system. These types of conflicts are causing no use; instead they have been a hindrance to the development of educational system. Hence, rather than wasting time on such debates, the education system must focus on important issues like the methods of improving the scores, giving students a better educational experience and turning young people into good citizens. It is only then that an improvement can be brought about.

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Problems In Education In America Today




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