What Elementary School Should My Child Attend ?  

For most children, the age of 5 years is considered apt for admission into kindergarten. However, it is common to have slight deviations in this standard age with regards to the potential of each child. Parents and facilitators at the pre-school are best candidates to judge the right age eligibility of a child for enrollment to kindergarten.

Children who are comfortable interacting with their peers and are able to sit and perform certain table activities are suitable to join kindergarten. It would be wise to hold back a ‘not ready’ child for another year as enrolling such as child into kindergarten forcibly would result in aversion towards schooling and low self worth. Usually, the set norm is that your residential geography decides the school your child can be enrolled into. For this very reason, people prefer to live in areas with good schools even if it means a relatively smaller or more expensive house.

For most parents, problems arise when they are not satisfied with the neighborhood schools. Enrolling your child in a school that is not in your assigned area is by no means an easy task. If one is really keen on another school, there are only two alternatives that can be explored to attain admission. One option would be to be honest and tell the school authority about your keenness of acquiring admission in the specific school. To gain some points you could add that you work in the vicinity or the child’s babysitter resides close by. If luck is on your side, the school authorities may oblige and show you the way to obtain admission in the institution. The second alternative is to tap the district office for relevant information on the policies related to work permits, child care permits, school transfers and open enrollment. Such kind research may at times provide you with feasible leads. An elementary school lays down the foundation of a child’s education; therefore make sure that you give your child the best footing!

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