Examples Of Moral Principles  

Ethics and morals are a branch of philosophy. All human beings have some kind of morals, and that is why we are able to live in our society. Some theists believe that as long as there is God, there will be morals in our society. However, in the same society that we live in there are several atheists with higher morals than normal people.

For some people, morals are not the result of belief in God. They just know the right thing to do in life. Also, if a person is logical in nature, they will have high morals because they can reason out the good from bad.

There are several moral principles like always be honest, speak the truth, never hurt anyone, do not cause harm to others, and do not lie. Sometimes we hear ourselves telling our children the same things. So, morals are automatically dictated to us and also we do not consult our mind before following them.

However, different people have different understanding of morals. For instance, a person may be a persistent liar, but they may have other morals like compassion or being helpful to someone less fortunate. They may lack in honesty, but make up with other moral principles. So, morals differ from person to person. Also, life is a constantly evolving process, and we have to learn how to become a better person each day. For human beings, everyday of their lives is a learning process in some way or the other. That is why older people are considered wiser in our society as they have higher morals. However, the reason they have achieved so many morals in their life is by making mistakes and not by reading philosophical books.

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Examples Of Moral Principles




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