Morals Values In Society  

It is morals, ethics and values that draw a line between the good and the evil in our society. Every individual’s behavior is governed with reason and logic. These qualities come from morals. Where do individuals get these morals from? Some of the morals that we get, we have them since childhood. Some we learn from our society, some from our religion, and some from our own experiences. All these put together form a person’s moral values and ethics.

Morals are also a result of what you believe in as an individual. For example, most religions say that living together is not a moral thing to do. However, if you are not religious, you may think that living together is alright. However, in realty there is nothing wrong with that. There are several couples who get married in the church and get divorced the following week. If morals and ethics governed human nature totally, then this would be a perfect world to live in.

Morals and ethics are there so that we can live in a society without hurting each other and also lead our lives happily. However, in order to follow them, we need a lot of discipline within ourselves, and we should also reason it out with our own mind. If we have a logical approach towards our own life, then we will also develop high morals in life.

Religion may not always be the driving force necessarily to have high morals. Moral values in society have different sources and outcomes.

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Morals Values In Society




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