Teenagers Morals Ethics Values  

Teenage is a very difficult age for parents to bring up their child. Every teenager has a mind of their own, and they are never in a listening mood. Also, when they are doing wrong or bad things, they will not correct themselves just because they do not want to listen. For most parents, who are struggling with teenagers, they should have either laid the foundation in their childhood or they should be patient while the teenage period lasts.

Increasingly in the society we see that thefts and robberies are mainly caused by teenagers, the perpetrators of violence are teenagers and much more. Also, schools are reporting more and more cases of cheating, lying, deceiving and alcoholism among teenagers. Teenage period is a vulnerable age and getting into bad habits is easy for teenagers. If the teenager does not have the right kind of emotional support from their parents, then they will resort to bad things.

One of the main reasons for bad behavior among teenagers is lack of morals and ethics. So, who can be blamed for this? Not the teenagers, but the parents and their upbringing. However, most parents will refuse to accept responsibility for it because they will say they have provided their teenage children with everything so far. However, among all the books, toys and clothes that the parents have provided, not many of them provide the moral and emotional support. That is why there is a lack of morals in the teenage society in this world. You can clearly tell the difference between a teenager who has morals and who does not.

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Teenagers Morals Ethics Values




What-Are-Good-Morals      All morals are good, and they are meant to guide humans to do the right thing always. Morals are an essential part of our society, and that is what differentiates humans from animals. Once you learn a moral, it does not change with time or lose its value. You will follow it no matter what because it functions at a subconscious level. If you have never lied since childhood, then it is possible that you will never lie for the rest of your life. That is why most people when they like eventually end up confiding to god or the person they have lied to, it is their morals that makes them do it. More..





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