What Type Of Story Has A Moral At The End ?  

The best way to teach child morals is either through examples or stories. Children love stories, and they always learn something from them. You can use your bedtime stories as a time to narrate a moral story and then ask the child what the moral of the story was.

When they identify the moral, you also know that they have learned the value of it. Every story, whether small or big, has some kind of moral in it. A story is nothing but a compilation of experiences of an animal or a human being put together. Every experience teaches us something and that is a moral. Some stories like Aesop Fables are only known for their morals. However, even fairytales like Cinderella or short stories convey some kind of moral to children.

There are two ways of teaching your child morals through stories. One is you can read a book to them and tell them what you understand of it and what moral it has. Another way is to read them the story and ask what they understood from it and ask what the moral was. Both are good ways. In one method, you are imparting your knowledge and morals to your child, and in another method, you are testing the child’s knowledge and depth of understanding. May be you should do both.

Short stories are very interesting for children and they find it extremely intriguing. Also, stories with morals always end with a question. Children try to understand this question and also answer it in the best possible way.

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What Type Of Story Has A Moral At The End




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What Type Of Story Has A Moral At The End ? )
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