Examples Of Human Nature Ethics  

Human nature ethics are as important to us as the air that we breathe. Without them, there will be no civilization, no code of conduct and the consequences of living in such a dangerous environment are unmentionable.

Whenever we meet someone for the first time, we try to gauge what kind of a human being he or she is, and then behave according to the impression we have created in our mind. This may or may not be accurate, and often mishaps happen due to the lack of correct judgment on our part. Instead of breaking our heads over such guessing games, it may be helpful if we had a few pointers to assist us in this matter.

First and foremost, we must take the wise path and remain non-judgmental at the initial stages of knowing a person. Then it is helpful if we talk less about ourselves and pay more attention to what the other person is saying. This does not mean that we should act mysterious or come across as someone who has plenty to hide.

Next, we must remember not to get too close for comfort. Asking a person intimate details of his or her life when we barely know them hinges on intrusion. It is fine if they volunteer the information, but under no circumstances should they feel uncomfortable because of an intense grilling session.

Apart from these, human nature ethics also calls for avoiding gossip and secrets about other people. Giving unsolicited advice too is uncalled for.

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Examples Of Human Nature Ethics




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