Academic Honesty In Higher Learning  

Academic honesty has become a very big concern these days not only for teachers, but also for academic employers all around the world. Several students do not even understand the true meaning of academic honesty and are rather confused.

What most students take for granted may not be academically honest at all. Even small issues like doing your homework without taking help from a more qualified person can be part of academic honesty. Several college students today outsource theses and project works to someone else and pay them for doing them. They may get better grades by doing that, but it is not an honest thing to do in the first place. It is almost like cheating.

One of the basic rules of academic honesty is a commitment that you will do your own work every single time. When you do that, you are depending on your knowledge and not on a person who is more qualified than you. If you get a better grade through cheating or outsourcing your work to others, then you have cheated all your peers in your class. It is an unethical thing to do.

Another thing is there are hundreds of study aids accessible out of the college and on the internet. These do not require the student to put in complete effort for their studies and actually help them out by doing most of their work. This is also another dishonest thing to do in academics. When you self report in an honest fashion, it is the best thing to do academically. Also, when it comes to employment, there are no such aids and help available. So, you are out on your own.

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Academic Honesty In Higher Learning




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