Children And Honesty  

We have always heard throughout in our life that honesty is the best policy. However, when we were growing up, not many of us would have understood why it is the best and in what way it is good. In order to teach children the value of honesty, one cannot just make these statements and leave it to them to understand.

Children should be taught honesty in the right way so that they understand it and practice it. Honesty starts at home. If your child is being dishonest with you, then the fault lies in your upbringing. Maybe you are being too strict with them and they are scared of you and that is why they are being dishonest.

One of the best ways to inculcate honesty in your child is to encourage them to come forth with their thoughts. Even if they are wrong, you can talk to them about it and also tell them the right thing to do. If you punish them for being dishonest or lying, then they will do it more the next time just because they want to avoid the punishment. Honesty also should be rewarded among children. If a child is not honest, then they would grow up to be manipulative and also untrustworthy individuals.

However, honesty at the right occasion should also be taught to children. Just like a child who is lying can be annoying, a child who is bluntly honest is also equally annoying. The children should be taught the difference between discussing personal issues and being honest. There is a very thin line, and this line should be made clear.

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Children And Honesty




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