Difference Between Honesty Integrity  

Honesty and integrity are terms that we come across in several places in life. However, several people think that they both are the same. Yes, honesty compliments integrity and vice versa. However, both these qualities are different in many ways and we need them both to lead a respectable life.

Honesty and integrity both are very big values to be achieved. It is not easy to be honest because in life you will face several such situations when you cannot be honest. However, we do find ways to do our best because at the end of the day we have to be honest with ourselves first. Honesty and integrity also contribute in a big way for our personal development.

Honesty means being correct and doing the right thing for the right cause. Honesty means being frank and also showing integrity. If you know that there is something wrong and you are the only person who can justify it, then you should go ahead because you may save a lot of unwanted evil. Honesty also means that you should not withhold information when you know that it is needed. However, you should also know where to draw a line.

Integrity on the other hand is being with the situation and doing the right thing. By showing integrity in your life or office, you are showing people that you are reliable. When people depend on you for something, you are justifying the cause by being there.

It is important to remember that both these values are very similar and different at the same time.

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Difference Between Honesty Integrity




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