Honesty In Islam  

Of late Islam has become a very misunderstood religion because of the terrorism and violence in the world. On the contrary, Islam is one of the religions which imparts the greatest of values to humanity and its followers. In no book of Islam is it allowed to murder, kill or harm other people or even an animal. One of the biggest things that Islam says is be honest with yourself and to others.

In the Holy Quran, this particular value is mentioned repeatedly and also says that a true Muslim will never be dishonest as it is the biggest sin according to the religion. A person who follows Islam cannot cheat and deceive others.

Honesty also includes the value that one should always speak the truth under any circumstances. Honesty also means that one has to fulfill their promises whether it was given orally or in written. Honesty also means that you would give the right advice to people who ask for it, it should be useful, and it should be given without expecting anything in return. Otherwise do not give any advice. Giving wrong advice amounts to cheating.

Islam also says that a person has to honest to everyone they live with and also to themselves. By repeatedly lying to yourself and saying things that do not exist is also being dishonest with yourself. Islam values honesty as one of God’s virtues and every follower should treat it with great respect. According to this religion, all other virtues that a man possesses come from being honest or else a man can possess none of the other virtues.

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Honesty In Islam




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