How To Deal With Brutal Honesty ?  

There are two effects of honesty. One is by being honest at the right time, and at the right place for a right cause will do good and the outcome will be also favorable. However, sometimes when you are honest when you do not have to be, it can cause more harm than good. For example, if you are giving advice to a person and you are actually asking that person to correct themselves. You may be pointing out their negative traits and calling it constructive criticism, but you are still hurting that person through your honesty.

This is brutal honesty, and honesty should not be used to hurt. Instead it should be used for a good outcome. Hurting a person is never a good outcome. In order to bring about a positive change in a person, it is not always required that you be brutally honest with them. There are other ways to do it.

Some people are habitually brutally honest. One of the reasons why a person may end up becoming brutally honest can be attributed to their upbringing. The person might have been brought up in an extremely strict environment. The parents may have been too hard on them to be honest. As a result, some people end up becoming brutally honest. However, it is not a desired quality to have as it does not take into consideration other people's feelings. This type of honesty causes more harm than good. People, who are brutally honest, also end up making more enemies than friends.

It is correct to be honest. However, one should always respect others' feeling before speaking honestly. In such cases silence is a better virtue than honesty.

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How To Deal With Brutal Honesty




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How To Deal With Brutal Honesty ? )
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