What Is Academic Honesty ?  

Until now people thought that academics meant getting educated, studying further and that it was limited to education institutions. However, there is something called academic honesty and it is a big concern among colleges, universities and schools. How can children or students be dishonest in academics and to whom are they being dishonest?

The saddest thing about academic dishonesty is that a student is not hurting anyone but themselves. For example, cheating for exams or projects is a form of academic dishonesty. Today, this has become one of the most common things in the academic world.

When students are given certain projects, it is given mainly to estimate their knowledge and also they are allowed to work independently. This means that they have the freedom to do the work as they see fit. However, this type of freedom is misused by and large. Students instead of working on their own projects outsource them on the internet and have someone else to do them on their behalf. Professors and teachers are increasingly vigilant about such things, but often they cannot catch the dishonesty.

Outright copying of content from the internet for their projects and homework is another type of dishonesty. It takes really savvy lecturers and teachers to find out this type of dishonesty. So a student who is typically average in their rating ends up getting a high rating due to the cheating. This is an unethical thing as they have not worked or earned their grades. The student in question has managed to deceive another child or student who has really worked hard for his or her grades.

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What Is Academic Honesty




Why-Is-Academic-Honesty-Important      Academic honesty is very important for students because the well being of the student community regarding their performance in academics depends on this particular factor. When one student cheats and gets a better grade, then he or she is cheating every other student who is really working hard to find their way to better grades. More..





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