Examples Of Work Ethic  

Ethics are the guidelines that we refer to before taking an action. However, we do not do this knowingly; instead it comes naturally to us. Ethics and morals are quite different from good behavior like being polite. In our office environment, work ethics means the legally and morally right thing to do. We have to behave in a certain expected way.

Also, in business offices conduct their transactions between each other by trusting each other to some extent. For instance, two companies which sell and buy goods from each other have a relationship based on trust. One may receive the goods and pay later. The act of ensuring that the payment is for the goods received is part of work ethics.

Some businesses have standard work ethics in place, and make it clear to their employees through writing. For instance, ethics like no accepting bribes from others or not extending personal favors are some of them.

Privacy is another work place ethic. All employees and the company or business itself should respect each other's privacy. A business cannot encroach on the employee’s personal space by fixing cameras and monitoring them in odd places. Also, a business cannot discuss the employee’s personal file with any other company.

Ethics work two ways in a work place and they are from employees to management and from management to employees. There should be mutual respect and both parties should follow them at the same time for a successful business.

If a company gives a list of work ethics in writing, then they should be adhered to by all the employees. Or else, they can lose their job.

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Examples Of Work Ethic




List-Of-Work-Ethics      Work ethics are like guides or values that are followed by both the management and the employees through behavior, thoughts and acts. When you have good ethics at the workplace, then the business and employees will prosper. It is always the lack of work ethics that fail a business practice and also an employee’s career. More..





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