Technology Ethics In Education  

Today, people use several methods of technology like computers, Internet and communication devices for their work. Some technological devices always do good, and some do not. Some technology devices can be misused also. However, as a technological device, there is no way to stop it from doing good or bad.

People should have ethics regarding their own devices and safeguard it from being misused. When technology is integrated with education, it brings about several positive changes, but also at the same time it has brought about scope for misuse.

How can technology are misused in education. For instance, if students are given a thesis or a project paper to write, it is being done so that the student’s ability or understanding is tested. It is a rule by which the education system lives by. Students use the Internet and computer which are all great technological devices for information resource. Students misuse the free flow of information by either blatantly copying content available or even worse, having someone else do the work for them.

Technology and education should be integrated in such a way so that students do not misuse the freedom given to them. It is a very difficult thing to achieve. There are several websites in the world that provide a platform for students to outsource their work. Internet and cyber savvy teachers identify the glitches immediately and take the necessary action. However, when teachers are not savvy, the student gets away with cheating.

Technology and cyber ethics should be used to educate and warn students against indulging such activities.

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Technology Ethics In Education




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