Factors That Influence Child Development  

A variety of factors influence the overall growth and development of the child -- structure of the family, home environment, sibling rivalry, marital relationship of the parents, social circle comprising of relatives, friends and peers.

A child may be brought up in different family structures -- nuclear family, joint family, extended family circle, single parent family or even reconstituted family.

In the case of nuclear family, parents become the pivotal reference of the child in the development of his personality. The responsibility of parents gets diluted in the case of joint or extended family as the child would be taken care by a lot of relative and adults surrounding him. However, the pressure of adult supervision and enforcing of conflicting ideals is a huge possibility in this family structure.

A single parent family places a lot of burden on the person who nurtures the child. A reconstituted family may put more pressure on the child, depending on the attitude of the spouse who has got married.

The relationship between the parents of the child is very important to provide a positive home environment. Parents who keep fighting with each other or teach conflicting ideals confuse the child or put him in a state of mental pressure and agony. The child is at a very early stage to decide which of the parent he needs to follow.

Normally, comparisons between children from the same family give rise to sibling rivalry. This stems up mainly from outsiders who compare the talents and capabilities of the siblings. However, with a positive reinforcement from the parents, the affected child can overcome this social pressure.

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Factors That Influence Child Development





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