Sample Case Study On Child Development  

Child development involves various factors like body movements, language and expression, mental growth, multi-tasking capabilities, and task coordination among others. While learning the basic life skills, children cross milestones.

For example, they roll on their stomach before sitting up. They hold tiny objects before starting to draw or write. The learning curve of children may differ but if the overall development happens during the predicted timeline, there is nothing to worry.

The major factors that influence the overall personality and growth of a child are family structure, relationship of the parents, home environment, social circle as well as sibling rivalries.

To understand the basic elements of child development and also parenting children who are difficult to manage, a lot of case studies are available on the web. These may mirror some challenges parents face while bringing up their kids and also explain researched ways of attending to the issue.

Case studies sometimes report on the observations and skills of one particular child. Otherwise, it could deal with findings of a sample survey done with a group of children of a particular age group.

Case studies often deal with different aspects of child development -- cognitive skills, decision making, social interaction, emotions and speech, fine motor skills and gross motor skills and a variety of topics that are of interest to the parents. These excerpts are just a direction to dealing with the problem and not the actual solution. Also, it cannot replace counseling or consultation in case the child requires it.

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Sample Case Study On Child Development





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