Accelerated Learning Tools  

Accelerated learning tools refer to the techniques that are known to maximize the learning by developing a relaxed and receptive state of mind and present the information in ways that are known to involve the right and left hemispheres of the brain. There are several such tools that include the mind mapping, role playing and the group based learning. These all can be made use of for a wide range of learning styles that include hearing, touch and visual in the classes as well as any other place.

Memory mapping is one of the most fundamental learning tools. You must have observed that children even the infants often make connections among various concepts through their experiences and this is done through the creation of physical memory maps that can help them practice skills and enhance the learning potential of theirs. This tool involves writing a key concept during the middle of the whole mapping procedure, branching off the ideas that are written in the form of keywords and then connect the ideas.

Group activities include another such tool that helps children learn much more efficiently provided they possess a very strong identifying sense, and also a feeling that they all have a secured role in their school environment and that they are important and valued.

Role playing is the final accelerated learning tool that can help accelerate learning in history, literature, science and other such areas within the classrooms. Becoming somebody else effectively and then interacting with other people can be beneficial in developing self awareness along with problem solving as well as communication skills, skills that are unable to be acquired by reading books.

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Accelerated Learning Tools




What-Is-Accelerated-Learning      Accelerated learning refers to the comprehensive approach towards school change that was developed at the Stanford University in the year 1986. This is something that aims at creating school success for students through the closure of their achievement gaps between mainstream and at risk children. More..





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