What Is Accelerated Learning ?  

Accelerated learning refers to the comprehensive approach towards school change that was developed at the Stanford University in the year 1986. This is something that aims at creating school success for students through the closure of their achievement gaps between mainstream and at risk children.

The basic idea behind the whole procedure includes the concept of changing the individual schools radically by integrating as well as redesigning instructional, curricular and the organizational practices in order to provide enrichment and not just the remediation for the at risk students.

The theory of accelerated learning believes that at risk students have learning gaps in various areas that are even valued by the schools, mainstream economic and social institutions. The whole programs assumes that the remedial approaches are known to fail in closing all such gaps just because they are not able to build up the student’s strength and thus they do not tap into teachers’ resources, the resources of parents as well as the community.

Whenever such a theory of accelerated learning is introduced in any of the schools, the whole process involves various guiding values and principles. It is important that the teachers, parents, students as well as the administrators need to agree on common sets of goals for the schools. They become the focus of almost every person’s efforts that then serves as framework for all the instructional, curricular, and organizational initiatives.

There are certain steps that need to follow in order to start the accelerated learning. These include taking stock of the place where one is and the establishment of the baseline data, creation of a shared vision as focus for change, comparing the vision to the baseline information and then identifying gaps as well as the required changes.

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What Is Accelerated Learning ?




Accelerated-Language-Learning      Most of the times you find certain people who easily manage to learn languages. It is said that a person who speaks his or her own native language will easily manage to learn other languages too. Sometimes we are in a career which involves communicating with a large number of people from different locations. The technique of accelerated method allows you to learn new and improved ways of learning languages with ease. These accelerated techniques help you to learn any other foreign language also brilliantly. We speak through seeing, listening and doing things. More..





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