Academic Achievement And Parental Involvement  

Several researches prove the fact that academic achievement and parental involvement are closely associated to each other. Parental involvements have a very positive and strong effect on the achievements of a student. It is also important to know about the fact that parental efforts are associated with the higher levels of the achievements on consistent basis. It is very important for the parents that they encourage their children even after not so satisfactory results because hat would help them improve the results in future time.

Parents are always worried about their child’s achievements as a student but they need to understand that their extremely strict attitude towards such issues can lead to various fears within the heart of their child which may at times turn either extremely violent or completely silent or sad. It has been found by the researchers that spending more time with the children about their daily school affairs and encouraging them towards good results can really help the children come out with flying colors.

There are also speculation regarding the fact that the girl child gets much more attention of the parents than boys. One probable reason might be the fact that girls are usually much more communicative with parents than the boys and this proves that sound communication always help children grow academically as it helps them have sense of encouragement as well as support system. Academic achievements as well as the parental involvement are directly proportional to each other, if the later increases, it ensures the higher levels of the former mentioned thing.

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Academic Achievement And Parental Involvement




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