What Is Achievement And Success ?  

Before getting into the factors, which are accountable for great accomplishments in life, we should look at the various levels of achievements a person can accomplish. The basic levels a person can accomplish are -- Survival, Growth, Development and Evolution.

Survival -- Being at this level, almost everyone has the feeling, consciously or sub-consciously to be at the same level in this achievement of life. One may not make an attempt to go beyond the present level of achievement, or make an effort to increase his personal capacities. The quantitative and qualitative expansion from the current level of achievement would lack at this level. A perfect example would that be of a football coach, who has the requisite skill set he requires to make a living and thus, would not care to increase his knowledge or make any attempt to go beyond his job.

Growth -- Growth can be termed as an increase from the present level of accomplishment. For instance, improvising a particular skill, learning more to gain knowledge or practicing more on football are all the indications of growth. But, growth would point out to the expansion of one’s level of performance within the same level of accomplishment. Example being a computer instructor learning new versions of the programs he teaches and may move to a new company to teach the same thing, but with the new changes. It shows he aspires to work more in his area of expertise.

Development -- Development can be termed as an expansion towards a higher grade of achievement. An individual may learn a new thing altogether or develop skills for a higher level of achievement, turn his negative attitude into a positive one or may have different belief in life.

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What Is Achievement And Success ?




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