Components Of Attitude  

Attitude is referred to a viewpoint about any possible situation. It basically has 3 components. These include what one thinks, what one does, and what one feels. No matter what kind of circumstances or situations one is into, there are several thoughts that come up to one’s mind about the same. There are even different emotional responses to different conditions in life and thus one behaves in a much different manner in various different situations.

So, in case one feels like changing their attitude, then the very firth thing that needs to be done is to change these three components of attitude. First of all, one would need to change the way he or she thinks if in any case they want to change their attitude. The next step involves brining about changes in the ways one feels and once these two components have been changed, the third one automatically gets reflected in their actions.

It is quite easier to bring changes in the way on thinks or behaves than to bring changes in the emotional aspect of a person. But it is also true that the emotions get much more importance and preference by people as compared to the situations. Thus, it is the emotional aspect that most of the people want to change in themselves. The initial efforts must be in the direction of focusing on the feeling levels and trying to change them first of all. The emotion levels or the feeling levels seem to be the most difficult thing to be worked upon and once they are changed, the rest of the task becomes much easier.

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Components Of Attitude




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