Effects Of Music On Attitude  

Music seems to play a vital role in almost every person’s life since the beginning phases of life. It has the caliber to affect the overall attitude of people in unusual ways and can amplify the feelings that have been maturing from the early stages. The different kinds of music impact the feelings differently for instance heavy metal music has been associated with violent feelings in human beings.

In order to have a clear idea about the kinds of effect music has put or is capable of putting in human beings, it is essential that people go through the evidences proven by several researches.

There have been several associations with the poor school performances and the heavy metal music. In a study carried out during the year 1995, teenagers who were found listening to heavy metal music had much more conflicts with their teachers as compared to those listening to the mainstream selections. Poor school performances became highly prevalent among such students going for the heavy metal or some other similar kind of music.

It has also been found that people listening to such heavy metal music have increased conflicts at their homes and work areas as well. There have been various studies and researches that have focused on different areas of life like the personal lives, school life, college life and professional life and found out theta hard music like the heavy metal has always been associated with such conflicts, violent feelings and crimes. Thus, all such facts prove that music has different effects on behaviors as well as feelings of people.

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Effects Of Music On Attitude




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