What Is Attitude In Psychology ?  

If the physiological aspect of attitude is to be discussed, then it is worth mentioning that attitude is the way one expresses their likes as well as dislikes towards any particular people, thing or situation. Attitude can be either positive, negative or may even be neutral. It has also been observed very commonly that the possession of more than one of the above mentioned feelings towards any possible thing can make a person exhibit undecided attitude.

Attitude is basically derived from the judgments that one makes throughout the life. Psychology says that the attitude is rooted in a form known as ABC approach, which covers the affect, behavioral change and the cognition of any person. Attitude is a psychological response to any particular circumstance in life that represents the preference of that person.

There are several components associated with attitude, and they all have their own references and meanings towards the formation of attitude. It is observed as well as believed by the psychologists that attitude is developed or formed keeping through the observational learning of a person in a particular environment. As a larger part of human behavior is thought to be irrational, it is extremely difficult to characterize the connection between the attitude and the behavior of a person.

It is possible that people change their attitude whenever they feel like doing so. There are several tips and processes that need to be followed in order to bring any change in the attitude and all such tips prove highly beneficial.

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What Is Attitude In Psychology ?




What-Is-Attitude      It is a well known fact that a thing that has a destructed or weak foundation is likely to fall anytime. This becomes true in case of attitude, if a person has a wrong attitude then he or she cannot expect experiencing success every time. Attitude is known as the foundation of one’s life and it is very essential that people carry the right attitude in their lives so as it is the key to success. More..





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