Cultural Awareness In Children  

Diversity even though a simple term, signifies a number of things. We know about cultural, multi-cultural, racial and ethnic diversity, and we have also seen diversity being encouraged and celebrated right from classroom to our places of work. Thanks to all the efforts in encouraging about appreciating this diversity that the world has become a smaller and more nice place to live in and this world is more likely to shrink more! It is in the best interest of a happy world that children be taught of diversities across culture and race.

Here are some ways you can teach children about cultural and racial diversities:

Using dolls -- Buy dolls that represent different cultures and races, and have different skin tone, hair color and texture. Kids would gradually learn that like dolls, even as their color might be different but, all of the humans can be beautiful too!

Using books and DVDs -- Expose them to the different characters that feature from various racial and ethnic backgrounds through books or DVDs. You should be open to any kind of discussion they might want to have with you. The characters, even though belong to different race and culture, still are someone special and would help them in appreciating racial diversity.

Use of crafts and music -- Expose them to the games of different cultures and the ones that are known to be multi-cultural. You can also give them music of different cultures so that they get to like music from other cultures as well, which not only teaches them about the varying cultures of the world, but they also start liking them for a reason and learn to appreciate others.

Using food -- Giving them a taste of different kinds of food of different cultures can also be a good way to expose them to the cultures of the world.

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Cultural Awareness In Children




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