Environmental Awareness Days  

The whole world is concentrating one the environment in the modern times. A whole lot of discussions and programs are being organized throughout the world in order to make people aware of the problems that the environment is facing and the impact these can have on the lives of not only the human beings but also other species surviving on planet earth.

The increased focus on such environmental issues and the search of possible solutions to all these has encouraged various political, social and environmental organizations to initiate various programs that can work in this direction. They favor on holding various environmental holidays and awareness days round the year so that people can then manage to take out time from their busy schedules to think about their surroundings as well. Given below is a list that mentions some of these days that help bring awareness among people regarding the various aspects of environment:

  • Earth Day which is celebrated throughout the world on 22nd of April every year is one such day that makes people realize that they own certain responsibilities towards their planet earth and they need to work towards this direction as well.
  • Then there is the Water Day which is celebrated on the 22nd of March. The United Nations has been very vigilant about this day since its beginning and every year it has a different theme celebrated along.
  • World Environment Day is the most important one in the list which is celebrated across the world on June 5th, and was initiated by the United Nations long back in the year 1972.

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Environmental Awareness Days




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