History Of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month  

The NBCAM (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month), also commonly called as BCAM, is a highly acclaimed annual health campaign arranged at an international level by some of the major charities for breast cancer. This campaign is organized in the month of October every year and aims at increasing the awareness of breast cancer among women and their families.

The campaign also strives to raise maximum possible funds for carrying out research into the cure, prevention, and cause of this deadly disease. Besides, it also provides the necessary support and information to all those suffering from breast cancer. Apart from raising funds for research and spreading awareness, NBCAM also offers a great platform to existing and budding charity organizations working towards breast cancer to make the best possible contributions from their end.

As far as the history of NBCAM is concerned, this awareness month was founded in the year 1985 by a company called AstraZeneca. This company is a worldwide manufacturer of popular breast cancer medicines, Tamoxifen and Arimidex. Initially, the main aim of NBCAM was to promote and increase awareness about mammography as one among the most powerful weapons to fight the threat of breast cancer.

Later, in the year 1993, the BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) was established by Evelyn Lauder, the senior corporate V.P. of Estee Lauder Companies. He chose the ‘Pink Ribbon’ as the symbol or logo of the BCRF. Although similar symbol was used earlier to signify breast cancer, it became more popular after the establishment of BCRF. Similar ribbons were handed out to the participants of the famous NY City race for the survivors of breast cancer by the Susan G. Komen Foundation in the year 1991.

The major activities organized till date as a part of the NBCAM include the 1983 Race for the Cure, held at a national level in Dallas, Texas, Breast cancer 2-day long walks, Susan G K 3-day long Breast Cancer Walk for the Cure, held in collaboration with Avon, ‘Ride to Empower’, ‘Pink Days’, ‘National Football league promotions’, ‘Pink Comic Strips’, and ‘Global Illumination’ of major landmarks in pink color.

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History Of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month




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