Human Development And Self Awareness  

Kids get their foundation in self-awareness when they were still infants. By the time they turn 2, children can identify and they begin exploring physical differences. They also begin to learn the names various colors and start applying it on the color of their skin.

The years in pre-school (3 and 4 years of age):
When the children turn 3 and 4, they get better in noticing the difference between people. They learn to classify and sort things by color and size. During this phase, a child’s thinking is not developed fully and tends to be distorted. Hence, they tend to believe in stereotypes and forming pre-prejudices.

Kindergarten (5 and 6 years of age):
Once children are in kindergarten, they often tend to question about the physical differences and also start to get their own explanations for them. They can recognize members from the same racial and cultural group. They explore and enjoy their friends’ culture. By the time they turn 6, a majority of the children can understand the idea of fair and unfair, which they apply to the issues they deal with.

The early primary years (7 to 8 years of age):
During this phase, the children get racial constancy. They know that the skin color of a person will not change but, would be the same all his life. They know about the feelings of pride and shame and they also know of the racism that exists in the society.

One can create a positive atmosphere for children to help them deal with their racial and cultural identity by exposing them to the diversity of their surroundings. Along with it, one should get rid of the visuals and materials, promoting stereotypes.

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Human Development And Self Awareness




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