Levels Of Situation Awareness  

Levels of situation awareness may not be clear to a person if discussed alone; it is worth mentioning here that these have something to do with the aviation. As in aviation, maintaining the proper level of conscience over a certain position id utmost important thing. Situation awareness is basically considered as the mental model that is known to represent the reality of what an individual experiences at a given moment. This helps a lot in the decision making processes and thus must be updated on continuous basis keeping in mind the rapid changes which are likely to occur within the environment.

Situational awareness basically has three levels out of which the very first level includes the perceiving of the position, status, as well as the attributes and dynamic of some of the most important factors of environment. As far as the next level is concerned, it has to do with the summarization of information that is acquired during the pervious level and then integrate all the relevant elements into one single mind mapping that has been built considering the various objectives throughout. For instance, in case there is any sort of warning light during any take off, it might force pilot towards determination of the gravity of problem very quickly.

The final level of situation awareness would include the assurance regarding the prediction of the future actions of the overall elements of the system. Once the final level is attained, it becomes quite possible that the knowledge and the required time regarding the best decision can be acquired very easily.

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Levels Of Situation Awareness




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