Phonemic Awareness In Children  

Phonemic awareness among the children is concerned with the fun activities which keep the children interested. Activities that are known for the development of the phonemic awareness among these children provide a kind of practice with the rhyme as well as the initial sounds and syllables.

Research and studies have shown that the awareness of a child regarding the spoken words’ sounds is a very strong predictor of their success in later years in context of the learning towards reading.

The teachers play a very vital role in the whole process and they can encourage such children to play with the spoken languages being a part of a much broader literacy program. There are several tools including the riddles, the nursery rhymes, poems and songs that help in manipulation of these sounds and are very effective vehicles in the entire journey. It is worth remembrance that phonemic awareness activities alone are not enough for the production of good readers; there is a lot more to be required from the whole procedure. A properly balanced approach towards the teaching of reading help one realize the importance of the comprehension, discrete language skills and enjoyment

Phonemic awareness among the children begins with certain basic elements that are very essential to be taken care of. One reason for the failure of a child in this regards is due to his or her inability of memorizing the consonants and the vowel sounds and this can be taken care of with the help of suitable exercises planned by the teachers.

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Phonemic Awareness In Children




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